All about Profession Tax in Maharashtra for FY2019-20

Posted by Namita Gad on 24 Feb, 2020

All about Profession Tax in Maharashtra for FY2019-20

What is Profession Tax?

Every person engaged in any profession, trade, calling or employment shall be liable to pay Profession Tax to the State Government. The annual profession tax liability is Rs.2500 in Maharashtra.

Types of Profession Tax Registration

There are 2 types of Profession Tax Registrations:

  1. PTEC (Profession Tax Enrolment Certificate) Registration
  2. PTRC (Profession Tax Registration Certificate) Registration

One can do online registration on

PTEC Registration

Below persons are required to enrol under PTEC with the State Government:

  1. Professional or Proprietor,
  2. Partnership Firm,
  3. Partner in Partnership Firm,
  4. Limited Liability Partnership,
  5. Designated Partner of LLP,
  6. Company,
  7. Directors of Company,
  8. Co-operative Society,
  9. Association of Persons and Body of Individuals.

Such persons are required to pay yearly profession tax of Rs.2500 by 30th June every year.

PTRC Registration

Every Employer on having its first employee is required to get PTRC registration. Employer has to deduct profession tax from the salaries of the employees and deposit with the State Government.

The latest monthly profession tax deduction as prescribed by the Government of Maharashtra is as follows:

Monthly Gross SalaryFemale EmployeesMale Employees
Up to Rs.7,500NilNil
Rs.7,501 – Rs.10,000NilRs.175
Rs.10,001 and aboveRs.200 (Rs.300 for February)Rs.200 (Rs.300 for February)

Such amounts deducted are required to be deposited with filing of return. You can pay the profession tax online by following the steps mentioned here.

Employers in the first year of PTRC return or having profession tax liability of Rs.100,000 or more in the previous year shall file monthly return by end of every month; and others shall file yearly return before 31st March.